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Video history of Nebraska state fair

Preservation Association of Lincoln Brown Bag Lecture Series, Jim McKee’s Compleat History of Lincoln Program No. 39

Nebraska State Fair existed BEFORE Nebraska was even a state. The fair was first held in 1859 in Nebraska City as a territorial fair. Other cities to hold the State Fair throughout its history include Omaha, Brownsville, and Lincoln before the move in 2010 to its current home in Grand Island.

The Preservation Association of Lincoln had an awesome presentation on the fair as part of the Brown Bag Lecture series. The Nebraska State Fair is a big part of Lincoln and Nebraska history. The State Fair was in Lincoln from 1901 to 2009.

The Preservation Association of Lincoln shares history through this series.  View other PAL’s lectures on the preservation website,

Other fun facts about your Nebraska State Fair are available at the website. 

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