Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2023


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Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2023

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Queen Meet ‘N’ Greet

Nebraska titleholders unite! This is the state’s largest gathering of Nebraska queens and features a queen meet and greet event. Queens mingle with guests and fellow titleholders and share information about their platform and organization, plus participate in the daily celebration parade.

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Maddison Bittleston

Madison Bittleston-Pure International Miss Overcomer USA-I have been competing since I was 5 years old and held many titles, but the one I hold now means the most.  This title was awarded to me for my battle with my disorder of Dissociative Seizures, which is also my platform.  My platform is called “What Now?”  My goal is to educate people on dissociative disorders in general and provide a support group for those suffering.

Sheila Bogart

I am Pure International Ms. America Sweetheart.  I started pageantry late in life to spend time with my daughter.  My platform is called the Joseph Project.  I create blankets for the homeless using remnant yarn from other projects.  Because of this the blankets end up being very colorful and that is how I came up with the name.  I will be heading back to our state pageant in April to compete for the Classy Ms. Title.

Kennedy Brown

Hello, my name is Kennedy Brown. I’m 16 years old, living in Grand Island. Dancing to 8 counts, having 8 siblings, and playing 5 instruments, my life is a little crazy. Aspiring to tickle the ivories like Mozart, I’ve already composed my own song on the piano. When I’m not working on my music, I’m jamming to K-pop and watching anime with my twin sister. From twirling the flags on the football field to having the highest state math score, you could say math and music rule my life. My plan and goal for the future is to study languages, travel, and learn about different cultures.

I use my platform to raise awareness about the trials and tribulations seen within the LGBTQ+ and trans communities, the different ethnic communities and religions, as well as the trials and tribulations of women. I would extend my outreach to speak against the active discrimination, hostility, and bullying that goes unnoticed in the lives of our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

We could discard our prejudices and come together as a community to make our world beautiful by saving the planet and continuing to work on ourselves so we can become better and more open minded. We are the ones who can, through our own examples, prove that there are people in this world who still care.

Aaliyah Cartwright

Aaliyah was Miss Nebraska Ambassador which was based on her platform Rainbow Missions – Helping people everywhere. She attended the national pageant in Branson, MO and was Recently crowned Little Miss Princess of America 2021  She is from Omaha, NE. Aaliyah is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. She hopes to become a robotics engineer and enjoys helping people through kindness and service. 

Anne Cassidy

My name is Anne Cassidy. I’m a 23-year-old autistic woman with a Bachelor’s degree in social work. I’ve been part of Miss Amazing for three years. I heard about this wonderful organization back in the summer of 2019 from another student at the studio where I take singing and piano lessons. So, I decided to attend a picnic hosted by Amy Stoddard (the head of Miss Amazing) to learn more about it and to get to know some of the participants. During my time in Miss Amazing I’ve met girls from different backgrounds with amazing talents.

When I’m not doing pageants I love to spend my time reading, baking, painting, playing with my dog, and spending time with my family. But what I love doing most of all is writing. I’ve written several fanfictions as well as some poems. I even wrote a children’s book for one of my classes during my Senior year of college. My goal is to become a children’s book author someday. It’ll be a long journey but I know I can and will emerge triumphant with the help of my friends, family, and Jesus; my Lord and Savior.

Emma Christian

Emma Christian is The 2020 Miss Amazing Teen Queen. She is kind, optimistic, positive, bubbly, compassionate, insightful and resourceful. Her ambitions are to open a dance class with kids and adults with disabilities, create a pageant for disabled members in the LGBTQ+  Community and hopes to turn her Facebook Group CAMP YAWI (YOU ARE WORTH IT) into an overnight camp to inspire kids and adults to be their very best selves. Emma also has a passion of finding the good in everyone. She is very positive and finds the opportunity to turn negative situations she faces on a day to day basis and uses it to become stronger.

Kaari Dawson

The 2021 Nation of States Jr. Teen is Kaari Dawson from Bennington Nebraska.  She is an energetic 15 year old who loves basketball and cheerleading and of course pageants.  In 2014, Kaari started volunteering for Suicide Prevention organizations and even created her own project where she has since delivered over 10.000 handwritten compliments to local elementary schools.  She hopes to become a motivational speaker after college, but for now, her goal is to make a difference every day.  

DeLynn Day

DeLynn Day is your 2021 Nebraska People’s Choice Miss United States Agriculture and comes from the small town of Loup City, Nebraska. DeLynn is 17 years old and is a senior at Loup City High School.  She spends her time keeping involved in her community, participating in agricultural organizations like 4-H and FFA, and showing cattle throughout the state. DeLynn’s platform is “Advocating for Mental Health in Agriculture” and has had the opportunity to speak on this subject with many different audiences and with business and government officials directly. DeLynn is very passionate about her agriculture journey and invites you to start one of your own!

Alexa Ferreyra

Alexa Ferreyra, a sixteen-year-old junior from Omaha, Nebraska, holds the current Miss Teen Nebraska Latina title. Alexa is a dedicated animal rescue volunteer, and through her cause, Adopt Don’t Shop, has dedicated over 1,000 hours of service in the past year working with animal rescue, trap/neuter/release programs, animal transportation and adoption. In her spare time, Alexa sings, plays the guitar, and designs and upcycled clothing and accessories. 

Dakota Glasshoff

Representing Miss Southwest Nebraska Rodeo Jr Queen is Dakota Glasshoff. Dakota is the 14-year-old Daughter of Tiffany Glasshoff. Dakota is a freshman at Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools. Dakota is active in basketball, 4-H, youth group and FCCLA. In Dakotas free time she enjoys riding her horses, swimming, camping and fishing.

Dakota is very excited to spend the year going to rodeos, parades and other events across Nebraska representing Miss Southwest. Dakota wishes everyone the best of luck!!

Carmin Gonzalez

I’m a sophomore at Lincoln high school in Lincoln. I’m on my high school cheer squad, and part of the choir. I enjoy singing, playing music and creating art. I’m an active volunteer in my community winning me the presidential community service award. My platform is crafts for a cause raising money for the American Heart Association.

Melinda Gonzalez

I’m a wife, mother of 3 and labor and delivery nurse from Lincoln. I’m an active volunteer with the Red Cross first aid team, the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and many more. My platform is heart disease a silent killer. I spend my time helping with events and walks to raise money for AHA

Elizabeth Hansen

Elizabeth Hansen is your 2021 Nation of States Elite Miss and comes from Fremont, Nebraska. Elizabeth is 23 years old and is receiving her master’s degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha. She spends her time educating her students, volunteering in her community, and with friends and family. Elizabeth’s platform is “Early Prep: College Preparation Made Simple,” and provides free support and resources to students who want to attend college. Elizabeth is passionate about education and encourages everyone to continue their educational journey.

Macy Harnisch

Macy Harnisch, from Elkhorn, NE is 11 years old and entering the 6th grade at Elkhorn Middle School this Fall. 

She enjoys dancing (ballet, tap, acro, and Jazz), cheerleading, and riding her bike.  She competes in Special Olympics Track, gymnastics, and Swim Team. When Macy is not out and about participating in a wide variety of community activities, she also just loves hanging at home with her family, Mom, Dad, big sister McKenzie and dog Pepper.  

Macy has Down syndrome, but she doesn’t let Down syndrome hold her back! Her personal mission is to encourage meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in ALL schools. She strives to demonstrate kindness and compassion towards others.  

Lexi Johnson

#MissUSAgIntroducing your 2021 Dawson County, Nebraska Teen Miss United States Agriculture, Lexi Johnson!

#crownsandcattle — That is how you can find me on social media! It says a lot about who I am, this 15-year-old is so much more. I raise show cattle, am involved in 4-H & FFA and proud to be a little bit country. I also participate in my school musicals and One Acts.

When I am not working cows with my dad, leading my feeder calves, or buying cows to expand my own personal herd, you can find me bringing awareness and research to 18q deletion syndrome. My brother has been impacted by this rare genetic disorder. I have seen first-hand the need for advocacy for people with disabilities. Because of this I started a charity called Go Blue for 18q, raising over $5000 in the last two years! 

#crownsandcattle #gobluefor18q #nebraska #nemissusag #farmHER #womeninagriculture #nebraskafarming #nebraskaagriculture

Madison Massey

Madison is 8 years old and is in the Third Grade. Her favorite subject is Math, and she loves to read. Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss. When she is not playing with her two sisters, best friends, and two dogs, you can find her volunteering! At 6 years old, Madison created her very own volunteer platform, Beauty is H.O.P.E. Hope stands for Helping Other People Every Day. Using her platform, she has volunteered over 250 community service hours! Some of her volunteer experience consists of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and raising over $300, collecting and donating more than four-hundred nonperishable items and delivering homemade baked goods to our local first responders. Using her favorite motto, “Glitter, Sparkle, Shine, But Most of all, Be KIND”, Madison plans to continue growing her platform on a much larger scale in hopes that she can make a difference in the world. She is your 2021 National American Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-Teen.

Kara Murphy

Kara Murphy is the 21-year-old daughter of Michael and Lori Murphy, from Omaha, Nebraska. Kara is the 2021 Nebraska Miss United States Agriculture. Her platform is “Growing the Next Generation in Agriculture.” This platform was inspired by her passion for working with youth in 4-H. While in 4-H, she was a camp counselor for three years and assisted with Clover Kids. Outside of 4-H, she was a Sunday School teacher. With her platform, she’s hoping to combine her passion to teach and encourage youth with her love of agriculture.

Kinley Olson

Kinley Olson, Little Miss Burwell Rodeo 2021, is the 12 year old daughter of Brock Olson of Newport and Kristin Simonson-Olson of Ainsworth.  Kinley attends Ainsworth Community Schools and is a member of the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association, Miss Rodeo America Association and the Nebraska Jr High School Rodeo Association where she participates in poles, barrels and goat tying.  Kinley enjoys traveling, spending time with her pets, working with her horses, designing her own western fashions, and promoting the sport of rodeo.  She hopes to see you at the 101st Nebraska’s Big Rodeo in Burwell the last week of July!

Addysen Oreskovich

Addysen Oreskovich is Miss Nebraska Role Model through Royal International Miss pageant system which was based on her platform the Bellarina Reading Program that advocates for children and literacy. Helping children in schools, libraries, and her own family business the Omaha School of Music and Dance.  Addysen is from Omaha, NE and is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. In the future she aspires to be an entrepreneur and be on the cover of Forbes 40 magazine. 

Izabell Porter

Izabell is 9 years old. She is Little Miss Princess Infinity. She will be competing for Little Miss America Miss Infinity. She has used her title to help with the local lunch bagging in St. Paul. She is the daughter of Lucas and Samantha Porter and she attends St. Paul Elementary where she will be in 4th grade. She also loves to dance and play with her pets, brother and sister. Her platform is no child goes hungry.

Stephaine Rippe

Stephanie Rippe is 29 years old from Gretna, Nebraska. Stephanie attends Region V during the day and is perfecting her skills to get a job at a movie theater and the zoo. She loves to create things out of wood, paper or beads. Stephanie is an honorary member of the Creighton Volleyball Team.   She loves to make people happy especially when they are feeling sad. 

Rebel Sjeklocha

Rebel Sjeklocha is the 21-year-old daughter of Rusty and Susan Sjeklocha of Hayes Center, NE. She is currently a senior at the University of Nebraska Lincoln studying agricultural communications with minors in the Engler Entrepreneurship program and business law. On campus, she is a member of multiple organizations including the Husker Equestrian Team, the UNL Rodeo Club and her sorority, Chi Omega. Rebel is proud to represent Nebraska’s Big Rodeo in Burwell in its 100th year. 

Melodee Spady

Melodee Spady – Miss Preteen Nebraska-Nation of States is a Hastings, Nebraska native. She created her platform “Melodee Cares” through COVID -19 when volunteering became difficult due to restrictions. She packs thoughtful bags of goodies for kids in crisis to Encourage Advocacy and for Senior Citizens at Meals on Wheels. 

Kimberlee Stamper

Kimberlee Stamper is 6 years old. She is going into first grade this year. She dreams of becoming a veterinarian.  She enjoys dancing, doing gymnastics and riding motorcycles.

Raelynn Terveer

Raelynn is 7 years old from Norfolk, NE. Raelynn created her platform in June 2020 called I CAN. 

Raelynn collects cans from parks, family and friends and donates the tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, then she recycles the cans and donates the money to the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska. Raelynn also collects canned goods to donate to various charities in Norfolk. Raelynn also volunteers at church and with Meals on Wheels. When Raelynn isn’t busy volunteering, she enjoys soccer, dance and fishing. 

Alisha Vavra

Joeli Walrath

Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2020-21 is Joeli Walrath. Joeli is the 23-year-old daughter of Jaci and Jamie Walrath and calls Ashton, Nebraska home. She graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a degree in Animal Science with an Equine Science Emphasis. Joeli is proud to represent the Beef State, rodeo, and the western way of life. She will compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America this December at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo. Joeli strives to live by her motto, “Be True. Be You!” and hopes to inspire others to always be completely genuine and embrace their own uniqueness! 

Madyson Zoucha

Madyson Zoucha is the 2021 National American Miss Nebraska Teen. Madyson is the 17 year old daughter of Andy and Sherri Zoucha. A senior at Boone Central High School, she likes to spend her time dancing on her high school dance team, singing with her church’s worship team during services, and inspiring young girls while helping out at her local dance studio. In November, she will compete for the title of the National American Miss Teen in Orlando, Florida. 

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