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Cable Spools Revealed

There may be a hay shortage, but Nebraska State Fair has found a way to bring back the Hay Bale Contest for 2023. Since the State Fair has been in Grand Island, the hay bale contest had become almost a right of summer around central Nebraska. The rains in 2019, COVID in 2020, and hay shortages derailed the contest for the past few years.
Nebraska State Fair Volunteer Coordinator Haley Roush announced the return of the contest on the State Fair’s You Tube Channel and Facebook pages June 1, 2023. “With the hay shortages we looked for a different medium for the hay bale contest,” said Roush. “We decided on cable reels.”
Eleven businesses were selected to receive a reel to decorate beginning July 28th. The reels were decorated in connection with the 2023 fair theme, “Whatever Your Flavor.” You can find the eleven Cable Reels around Grand Island by using the map to the left.
Nebraska State Fair is August 25th through September 4th in Grand Island.
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