All Entry Books and Entry Forms have been posted! 

Online Entries set to open July 1st. 

Competitive Exhibits Full Schedule

New in 2022 Sweepstakes Awards in Each Department with an Overall Sweepstakes Winner


Back again Pick-Up and Drop Off Locations Please mark on your entry forms if you will be utilizing these! 

General Rules And Regulations

The rules specific for each department are found in each respective department entry book. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to be familiar with all applicable rules and regulations. CLICK HERE to read rules.


Either by online or mail-in entry form. Online entry available approximately July 1st, 2022.

Entries for multiple departments can be made in one session using the online entry. Mail-in forms are found within the Competitive Exhibit department below.  

Shipping Options

Exhibits can be shipped to and from the Fair by either (1) Fed Ex or UPS or (2) USPS. CLICK HERE for details.


Interested in helping out with Competitive Exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair? CLICK HERE to learn how you can volunteer.

Agricultural Products

Want to see how your crops measure up to others? Feeling creative and want to dress up a scarecrow or furnish a cornucopia basket?

Bee Culture

Celebrate Nebraska’s Bee Culture! If you steward one of the more than 150,000 colonies of honey bees in Nebraska, you’ll find extracted honey to beeswax candle competitions. Be sure to stop by the Bee Culture department to get your Honey Ice Cream.

Beer & Wine

Do you enjoy making beer, wine, or mead? Want to see how it compares to others? 


Calling all K-12 students! From cup stacking and quiz bowl to computer graphics and writing, there is a plethora of opportunities for youth.


Bring your scrumptious confections and preserves to Nebraska State Fair. From butters, relishes, jams, pies, and cakes, the entry possibilities are endless! 


Enter your favorite blooms, potted plants, or flower arrangements.


Share your best landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and still-life snaps. 


Bath Planet Quilt Room

Whether you quilt by hand or machine, there are classes for all types of quilts – big to miniature, traditional to art.

Senior Living

Senior living community residents, check out card making to mosaics to zen coloring…there’s something for everyone!

Textile Arts

Showcase items you’ve created from fibers, yarns, and/or fabrics using techniques such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, stitchery, weaving, rug making and lace making.

Visual Arts

Paintings, computer-generated art, sculptures, and woodworking are just a few of these expressive divisions. A world of creativity awaits.


  • Agriculture Director - Vaughn Sievers
  • Competitive Exhibits Manager - Kourtney Lingeman
  • Agricultural Products - Marvin Rousey
  • Bee Culture - Brian Nilson
  • Beer & Wine - Dave Stewart
  • Education - Judi Harper
  • Foods - Deb Langenheder
  • Horticulture - Wilma Knippelmeyer
  • Photography - Sue Kemling
  • Quilts - Terri Uden
  • Senior Living - Judi Harper
  • Textile Arts - Sue Brown
  • Visual Arts - Anita Lewandowski