2021 Nebraska State Fair



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The following application forms are now open! Marching Bands Nebraska's Largest Classroom Nebraskapella!, Marathon, National Anthem, Nebraska State Fair Entertainment, County Fair Day, Grand Marshal Nominations. More to come soon!

The 9th Annual Nebraska State Fair Recycled Garden Contest and Display!

The Nebraska State Fair needs everyone to across the state to get their creative minds thinking about an exhibit for the Recycled Garden. Join us by creating a planter or lawn décor using recycled objects such as old toolbox, kitchen equipment, old furniture, clothing, shoes, or old tires. You can also incorporate you favorite State Fair activity. Your options are endless. All planters will be displayed in the Sustainability Pavilion at the Nebraska State Fair! This event is open to all ages, so gather your business, 4H Club, Boy or Girl Scout Troop, church group, family or friends. If you want, you can do a planter by yourself.
Contest Open


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