Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2023


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Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2023

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Tacos Los Hermanos

Food Pod 6

***NEW FOR 2022***

  • Authentic Birra tacos, snacks, desserts and specialty drinks.
  • Aqua Frescas are delicious and naturally flavored with fruits…refreshing on a hot day!
  • Crazy corn is a┬ásnack that comes in a cup and is a sweet and savory with mayo, powdered cheese mayo and Tajin, which is a popular seasoning put on fruits and vegetables.
  • Birra tacos are derivative of Tijuana, Mexico, which is slowly cooked and served with a flavorful broth to dip them in enhances the flavor.
  • We will serve our most popular tacos as well, which include different selections of meat and customized toppings.


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  • Food Pod 6 FP #605
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