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Are there ATMs on the fairgrounds?

Since the Nebraska State Fair doesn't accept checks, ready cash may be obtained from ATMs located throughout the fairgrounds. ATMs are marked on the NSF map, which is also available in the Gatebook and daily schedules distributed at the main gates. Download the NSF mobile app to access an interactive GPS-integrated NSF map.
ATMs are located at the following locations:
Welcome Center
4-H/FFA/Commercial Building
Pinnacle Bank Exhibition Building Foyer
Five Points Bank Arena Foyer
Thompson Arena, East Entertainment Center

Do you accept credit cards as payment?

Visa and MasterCard are accepted at each gate for admission. At this time, accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit or debit cards for your purchases. Many of our vendors and exhibitors accept credit cards for purchase on-site. However, at the discretion of the vendor/exhibitor, not all of these options may be available.

Do you provide security on the fairgrounds?

Nebraska State Patrol and Double Locked Security provide 24-hour security on the NSF fairgrounds. Both agencies maintain offices on the fairgrounds. Nebraska State Patrol officers are in uniform. Double Locked Security Officers wear grey shirts labeled "Security".

My medicine needs to stay cooled; can I bring it in a cooler?

If you have a medical condition that requires your medication to stay cool, you may bring a cooler. The NSF does not provide cooler storage.

Are there diaper-changing facilities on the grounds?

There are diaper-changing facilities located in some of the restrooms in the 4-H/FFA/Commercial Building, Welcome Center, Pinnacle Bank Exhibition Building, Sheep Barn, Five Points Bank Arena, Cattle Barn, and Swine Barn.

Do you provide a mom's nursing lounge?

Presented by Saint Francis Medical Center, the Mom's Nursing Lounge is located at the North End of the Welcome Center. The Mom's Nursing Lounge Offers a private, climate-controlled area for moms and their babies. Educational information will also be available.

What should I do if I become separated from my child?

Report lost persons to any State Fair staff, volunteer, State Patrol Officer, or security officer. The NSF suggests establishing the Welcome Center as a meeting place, should your party get separated. To help ensure your child's safety, the NSF offers FREE child identification wristbands at the Welcome Center. The wristbands will help assist us in reuniting you with your child.
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