Entertainment Applications
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Entertainment Applications

Every year the Nebraska State Fair welcomes more than 75 Nebraskan and regional performers to the stages and the streets of the fair. Musicians, dancers, magicians, and variety performers share their talent with the thousands of guests who visit the fair.

Performances take place in a variety of locations including the Bristol Windows Stage, Family Fun Zone Stage, 4-H/FFA/Commercial Building Stage, Nebraska Lottery Good Life Lounge Beer Garden, Silver Spur Saloon, Food Pod Shade Tents, and on the streets of the fair.

Application Information

If you are an entertainer and would like to apply for the opportunity to perform at the Nebraska State Fair, here's what you need to know!

- Applications are DUE APRIL 20, 2018.
- The dates of the 2018 Nebraska State Fair are Friday, August 24 - Monday, Labor Day, September 3.
- Because of the large number of applications, scheduling may take through the end of May 2018.
- Regret letters will not be sent. You will be contacted only if you are selected to perform at the 2018 Nebraska State Fair.

Every submission must include the following FOUR items to be considered as a performer:

1. Entertainment Application:

The completed application provides essential information about the entertainment act and its members. Do not leave any information on the application blank. Incomplete applications will result in disqualification from the selection process. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete information. Please notify us immediately if any information on your application changes.

2. Performance References:

On the Entertainment Application, please include two performance references. Do not list the NSF as a reference as we have our entertainment history on file. If you're interested in applying to sing the National Anthem, please provided two separate references for which you've performed the National Anthem.

3. Audio or Video Audition:

All applications must include a demo of a performance with the application for NSF files. If we already have your demo on file, you do not need to submit it again. If you have never performed at the NSF, or if you are a previous year’s performer with new material, you will need to submit a demo. You can submit your demo via mail or email. CDs, electronic music files and YouTube links are acceptable forms of audition material. Electronic music files and YouTube links can be emailed. Please clearly label all files with the Act's name. Those applying to sing the National Anthem will need to provide an audio or videotape of their National Anthem performance, regardless of past performances at the NSF.

All mailed submissions should be addressed and received by 5:00 p.m. on April 20, 2018.Audition material will not be returned. Because we respect the livelihood of performing artists, it is NOT a requirement to submit a full, professionally produced studio album. A disc with 1-3 songs or videos is sufficient.

4. Entertainment Application Terms and Conditions:

Mailed applications require a signed copy of the Entertainment Application Terms and Conditions, which is included in the Entertainment Application document. Online applications require reading and agreeing to the Entertainment Application Terms and Conditions as part of the online submission.

Other information:

1. The sale of merchandise is permitted. The NSF requires 20% of all merchandise sales on the Fairgrounds, including that of performing artists. 2018 performers will receive a Merchandise Agreement, outlining the NSF’s Merchandise Sales policy.
2. All acts must be family and Fair friendly.
3. The NSF does not provide travel, hotel, food, alcohol or other rider amenities.
4. The NSF will provide adequate gate admission passes for performers. Passes are for performers only. Passes will not be provided to crew members, sound technicians, merchandise sellers, managers, friends, family, or any other individuals outside of the immediate performers of the act.
5. All parking on the grounds is free. Convenient parking is not guaranteed.
6. Acts performing in the Nebraska Lottery Good Life Lounge are required to bring their own sound and lighting equipment.
7. The NSF does not offer opening or support act opportunities for the national concert series.

Additional promotional material may be sent with your application. However, no other material is required for consideration.

Thank you for your support and interest in performing at the largest entertainment event in the state, the 2018 Nebraska State Fair!

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