Nebraska's Largest Classroom

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Nebraska's Largest Classroom

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Teachers, where can you take your students to see a dairy cow milked, witness a sow give birth, learn how food goes from farm to fork, see how wool is spun, observe a power-safety demonstration, and interact with STEM focused activities—all first-hand and in the same place? The Nebraska State Fair, of course! And we didn’t even mention the free entertainment available! The State Fair invites schools to participate in the special educational event that is Nebraska’s Largest Classroom. The program operates as a self-guided tour for K-6 students and their teachers.

In 2017, the Nebraska State Fair welcomed more than 100 schools (public/private/homeschools) and almost 4,000 students, teachers, and sponsors for the three-day event. Pre-registration is required for this free program.

Registration for the 2018 Nebraska's Largest Classroom has closed! If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Crowder at or call her at 308.385.3978.

Nebraska's Largest Classroom Curriculum

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The Nebraska State Fair has again partnered with Raising Nebraska to provide a curriculum program focused on exploring agricultural careers. This two-part series includes lesson material for your Largest Classroom visit, and a post-lesson to be completed in your classroom. These lessons can be adapted for all grade levels. A copy of these lessons were mailed in the information packets for participants. You can also download the PDFs below!

If you have questions about the curriculum, please contact Sarah Polak at 308.385.3967 or email her at


What is the best day to attend Nebraska's Largest Classroom?

We suggest if crowds are a concern, you register for Monday, as that's typically been a slower day in the past. Each of our Largest Classroom Days are capped, in order to help with the traffic flow of the fairgrounds. However, please note, that on any of the classroom days, there will be limited animals in the barns.

If I'm a homeschool family and have child who is no longer in your K-6 requirement, can they still attend?

Yes, they can certainly attend with you! However, since the program is tailored to children in grades K-6, you will need to purchase a gate admission ticket for them.

Do we have to participate in your lunch program?

No, we do not require schools to participate in our $2 lunch program. If you have older students, or don't feel the items in our lunch program will be enough, we encourage you to bring a lunch or eat at one of our food vendors. We do have select vendors, who offer select food items for a discount on the grounds.

Do teachers/sponsors have to pay to get in?

The Nebraska State Fair offers complimentary gate admission for teachers/sponsors who fall into our 1 to 5 maximum, teacher to student ratio. Additional teachers/sponsors/parents beyond the 1 to 5 ratio will be required to purchase gate admission.

What days are the 2018 Nebraska's Largest Classroom program held?

Monday, August 27
Tuesday, August 28
Thursday, August 30

What should I do if we have to cancel?

If for some reason you must cancel your trip to the State Fair, please notify Kayla Crowder at 308.385.3978 or

Can I reschedule if I have to cancel?

If the cancellation occurs, we will try to reschedule your class for another day; however, due to the popularity of the program, space is extremely limited and no guarantees can be made.

What if it rains/there is bad weather?

Nebraska's Largest Classroom will still take place, regardless of rainy weather; however, you are always welcome to give our office a call at 308.382.1620 before you leave to see if there is a threat of severe weather on the grounds.

If we are a public/private school bringing coolers for our sack lunches, where do we take them?

Teachers should drop off lunches as they unload their bus. Lunches need to be in a box or cooler, labeled on the outside with the teacher and school name. Refrigeration/coolers are not available. Lunches can be picked up at the Fonner Park Clubhouse starting at 11:00 a.m. At 1:15 p.m., coolers and boxes will be returned to the bus loading/unloading area and will be available to your school for pickup as you leave the fair.

Helpful Hints

Afternoon snack!

Please feel free to bring an afternoon snack with you! Either for the bus/car ride home, or for your afternoon adventure around the fairgrounds.

Bring a water bottle

The Nebraska State Fair does not provide water bottles for students, teachers or bus drivers. However, water bottles are permitted and we encourage each student to bring their own bottle. Water fountains are marked on the map in your Field Trip Guide, which will be mailed to you in August.

Best ways to easily identify your students

-Encourage students to wear similar shirts or hats.

-Give each student a name tag with teacher name, school and school phone number

First Aid Station

For minor medical needs, please visit the first-aid station located at the North end of the Welcome Center. It is open from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
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