Legacy Gifts and Estate Planning
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Legacy Gifts and Estate Planning

Legacy Program Brochure

We know that Planned Giving and Legacy Gifting can be difficult to discuss – but we also know how important it might be to you to leave a Gift to celebrate your Legacy with the State Fair. We’re here for you. Forever and always. By utilizing one of the creative alternatives outlined below, many people find that they can provide adequately for their family and still include the 1868 Foundation in their planning.

As you are in the process of completing or updating your estate documents, and would like to consider including the 1868 Foundation in your estate planning, you may find the information presented below to be of particular interest.

Examples of Legacy Gifts to the 1868 Foundation

Nonprofits of every size rely greatly on Outright Gifts. Outright gifts to the 1868 Foundation are funds we can use today and are crucial to our survival.

- An alternative to a cash donation would be an Outright Gift of Appreciated Assets which optimizes tax benefits for the majority of donors.

- For donors who prefer to make a major donation to the 1868 Foundation at the end of their life, the Bequest has many advantages, including simplicity, economy, revocability, ease of change, and asset availability.

- The Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to make a relatively small irrevocable commitment to the Foundation. Secondary benefits, such as tax benefits and investment options may be best achieved with a charitable gift annuity to the 1868 Foundation.

-Giving Trusts and other split interest gifts are complex devices. Their principle advantage is their flexibility in providing solutions to specialized and complex wealth, tax, and estate situations.

As most nonprofits do, we here at the 1868 Foundation encourage you to consult your tax advisor, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey Koepke at 402.432.1393 or lkoepke@statefair.org. For additional information and to learn more about how you can help the 1868 Foundation carry out our important work forever, simply fill out either of the forms below and we will be in contact with you

Why not arrange for a future gift to 1868 Foundation by remembering our organization in your will or trust? Let us help you celebrate your legacy...for a lifetime!


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