Online Entry Information

4-H & FFA Livestock Entries are Closed for 2022

  • 4-H and FFA Livestock Deadline: 8 p.m. Central on August 10. There will be no late entries accepted!!
  • 4-H In-Person Events  Deadline (contests, fashion show, robotics showcase, presentations.): 8 p.m. Central on August 10.
  • 4-H Static Exhibit Deadline: noon on August 22. ENTERED BY COUNTY STAFF
  • FFA Static Exhibit Deadline: 8:00 p.m. Central on August 22

4-H/FFA Entry

Online Entry Instructions for 4-H/FFA Livestock

Special Notes:
  • Swine exhibitors: Please have your PQA# and Premise ID handy.
  • FFA Showmanship: FFA exhibitors must register for showmanship online. Look for the "FFA: Showmanship" department. Deadline is Aug. 22 at 8:00 p.m. Central.
  • 4-H Showmanship: 4-H exhibitors will be automatically entered into Showmanship for each livestock species they enter livestock for.

Rules and Information 

4-H / FFA information for livestock and static exhibits may be found within organization sites below.  Additional State Fair Livestock rules that apply to all shows may be found here.

2022 4-H & FFA Judges

4-H Judges  
Breeding Beef & Showmanship Scott Werning
Feeder Calves & Market Beef Kyndal Reitzenstein
Market & Breeding Goats Cody Sloan
Market & Breeding Sheep Leah Amstutz
Market & Breeding Swine Will Taylor
FFA Judges  
Beef Shane Meier
Goats John Romero
Sheep Brian Reilly
Swine Lynsee Pullen

2022 4-H & FFA Judge Selection Committee

  • Vaughn Sievers, Nebraska State Fair
  • Brandy Schulze, Nebraska 4-H
  • Ryan Hassebrook, Nebraska FFA
  • Jara Settles
  • Miles Toenyes
  • Brad Bennett
  • Glen Martin

For more information on the Judge Selection Process contact Amy Kelley


4-H and FFA Sponsors

Next time your are at one of these businesses, or see one of their representatives, thank them for continuing to sponsor our youth. This opportunity could not have happened without them.