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Vendor Information

The 2015 Nebraska State Fair will be Friday, August 28 - Monday, September 7.

Previous Year's Attendance

       2014     317,785

       2013     334,931

       2012     336,987

       2011     333,043

       2010     309,400

       2009     367,203



Hotels and Campgrounds in Grand Island, Hotel in York

Camping Reservationsn

Space Renewals

Booth Pricing Guide

Credit Card Authorization

New Vendor informatione

New Applicants, please be sure to read page two of the New Vendor Information Letter for details on the fee schedule and common questions.w Vendor Information

New Vendor Information Letter

New Vendor Application

Booth Pricing Guide

Credit Card Authorization

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Vendor forms, additional vendor information, and maps are in PDF format. If you would like to view any document you must first download Adobe Reader. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Gatebook Map overall fairgrounds    

Indoor                                                                   Outdoor

4H/FFA/Commercial Building                                                                       Family Fun Zone  (Foods Pods #5&6)                                                                                                                                                      

Barn Commercial Booths                                                                              Market Place and Ag Market Place and Food Pods #1-4 & 7                                    

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center                                                                          East Entertainment Area           

Fonner Park Concourse

Nebraska Building

For more information, please contact Facility Director, Jaime Parr at jparr@statefair.org or (308)382-1606.