Create Your Day

The Nebraska State Fair offers hundreds of events throughout the eleven-day State Fair. Would you like to experience all of the events or just select your favorites? Plan your visit to the Nebraska State Fair by creating a custom schedule with the "Create Your Day" Daily Events tool.

Click here for the 2013 Daily Event Calender.

2013 Daily Schedules

Friday, August 23

Saturday, August 24

Sunday, August 25

Monday, August 26

Tuesday, August 27

Wednesday, August 28

Thursday, August 29

Friday, August 30

Saturday, August 31

Sunday, September 1

Monday, September 2

Food Finder


Click here to access the 2013 Food Finder!


If we've got it, you'll find it, right here, right now! You'll have three ways to find your favorite fair foods :

1) Use a drop down menu to select your favorite food category.
2) Use a drop down menu to select your favorite food vendor.
3) Type in the name of the food you want (one name at a time).

And you will get a list of all the vendors who sell the desired item and a map showing the location of each vendor. Try double clicking on the vendor names in the table to open a list of the food items that they serve. Then you can print out the map and list and take it with you to the fair. Easy!

Since the Food Finder is new and may have a few flubs or flukes, we do formally beg forgiveness. In other words, all information is subject to change. The Food Finder works best using Internet Explorer, version 6 or higher.


To download a printable map of the fairgrounds, please click here.